It was a beautiful spring day with the temperature in the mid-20’s and the sun was high with a gentle breeze. The fairways had been freshly mowed and the air was fragrant with the scent of freshly cut grass. The view of the Ochil Hills was stunning with their ruggedness contrasting with the smooth manicured greens. The birds sang, a deer meandered across the first fairway, it was an idyllic setting in which to play the ancient game of golf with its skill and poise.

Then suddenly they came…… thirty five Marshall Men dressed as if they had come from the sale at TK Maxx Led by the Estimator in chief in his bright green slacks which may have been intended to blend into the course but failed. The golfers were not as loud as Dougie’s trousers as their mouths were still full of the bacon rolls, however the noise level increased as the clubs swished the air managing in many cases to miss the ball. The trees rattled as the balls bounced around them and the fairways remain deserted.

When it was all over the birds returned and the deer went back to the safety of the trees. Robert Marshall thanked the staff for being part of the largest Marshall Golf event and commented on how much he enjoyed the golf not just this year but over the many previous years. Adding how much he and the staff were already looking forward to next year. Inglis Douglas was presented with his prize as overall winner, Gordon Boal hit the longest Drive and Ken Smith got nearest to the pin.

The countryside will try to recover in time for next year.