Supply Chain

Marshall Construction Supply Chain

Marshall Construction have operated a formal supply chain for over twenty years.

Selection Method

Our supply chain is part of our Integrated Management System which is quality accredited ISO 9001:2008.  We have a policy of only using sub-contractors and materials from companies that are registered on our system.

All sub-contractors and suppliers wishing to work with us are required to complete an assessment process which establishes their financial viability, quality procedures, performance, health and safety procedures, records, details of previous experience with references that will be taken up.


Our system is controlled by our surveying department who process the applications, maintain the evaluation process and regularly update the data base. The control measures dovetail with the monitoring procedures with any areas of concern identified at the progress and technical meetings or the audits implemented using standard documentation held within our operating procedures. These include the use of our Non Conformance Reporting system, formal letters, delay notification forms, and financial controls.


Supply Chain members are continually monitored in all aspects of the process from how they respond to the tender enquiries, the accuracy and promptness of their correspondence, mobilisation times, programme& planning detail & compliance, compliance with the specification, health & safety, quality and financial matters. Monitoring is a continuous process facilitated through regular progress and technical meetings. Recording their compliance with our quality systems including the extent of issues raised on the test and inspection sheets. The following matters are formally recorded on an ongoing basis: Recording the scores they receive in our health & safety audits. Monitoring the costs, control measures and evaluating final cost against tender cost.

Performance is monitored constantly throughout the delivery of their service with evaluations carried out on completion of their works. The evaluation is completed by the site manager and assessed by the senior contracts managers and chief buyer. The findings of the evaluation process are intimated to the sub contracts with a meeting held to resolve any contentious issues and to gather their feedback on our systems. Failure to implement changes or respond to the concerns raised will result in the ultimate sanction of removal from our approved list.